ZENDIT will allow exclusive upcoming crypto projects to launch on our platform!

MANTRA DAO is preparing to release our upcoming decentralized swapping protocol and invite our partner projects to officially launch on our platform ZENDIT!

Throughout the past few months, we have been in discussion with many projects looking to launch upcoming tokens and have received a lot of positive feedback regarding our launchpad. After much development, ZENDIT is ready to launch, and we have invited many incredible projects to be some of the first to offer their tokens on our platform!


As a launchpad platform ZENDIT employs a decentralized fixed swapping protocol which has many advantages such as providing transparency on…

$SPWN Pool Opens on Thursday, June 17th, 12 PM UTC

Along with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, another industry that has seen phenomenal growth is that of the e-sports and competitive gaming industry. Now, Imagine a gaming platform where you not only enjoy your favorite games but also earn rewards, upgrades, actual money, and it’s community-governed.

Introducing Bitspawn!

Bitspawn is an open-source gaming protocol which creates new revenue streams for gamers outside the traditional realms of content creation and streaming. Now, what does it actually mean, you ask?

The idea behind Bitspawn protocol is that there’s a good use for blockchain to alleviate a lot of the problems gamers face including building…

$QBERT Pool Opens on (TBD)

Are you a boomer with 80’s nostalgia? Or maybe you just really like the retro synthwave music and aesthetic? Now with Retro Finance, you can optimize your yield farming, join NFT farms, and a variety of games and gambling all in the aesthetic of your favorite decade! Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Retro Finance’s QBERT which will act as a farming reward token with 8 million total supply, will have a deflationary token burning mechanism from fees on farm transactions and games. All the more reason to get QBERT tokens early when it makes its’ debut on ZENDIT!

Retro DeFi is getting ready to ZENDIT!

$CCAI Pool Opens on Wednesday, June 9th, 12 PM UTC

While trading on DEXes can be convenient, the functionalities of many DEX platforms are many times not comprehensive enough for serious traders where even simple features such as limit orders are often not available. CCAI is looking to revolutionize the game starting with their already operational Solana-based orderbook DEX. Yes, you can already trade there now!

For those who prefer the security and robust features of a CEX, CCAI has got you covered there as well. Their soon-to-debut CEX, which will mirror the exact same liquidity of broker partner Binance, will provide some much wanted features for crypto traders of…

$GROW Pool Opens on Tuesday, June 1st, 12 PM UTC

Hydroponic farming is a delicate but rewarding process. By growing plants without soil and using mineral nutrient solutions in aqueous solvent and provides many advantages including taking much less water to grow, and being able to grow in harsh conditions. However, much of hydroponic farming is done to grow just one crop…Cannabis! Now you can operate your own digital grow house and cultivate high quality yield and even mystery strains cannabis NFTs to become the next Grow master! As a cross-chain game built on Polygon, the land in the game will emit $GROW(as Matic tokens) and can be put in…

$DNF Pool Opens on Wednesday, June 2nd, 12 PM UTC

NFTs have come a long way since they first became popularized by CryptoKitties. From a fringe asset to being popularized by celebrities the likes of 3LAU, Snoop Dogg, Tony Hawk, Lindsay Lohan, William Shatner and more, people are increasingly becoming interested in the potential of NFTs with countless new NFTs and NFT projects being launched recently. Few projects that are launching however, can boast that they have received a Web 3 grant, and even less are NFT projects. DNFT.world, is one of the few, being the recipients of the Web 3.0 …

$XTM Pool (Updated launch TBD)

For those of us in the crypto space, many of us mainly use our social media to engage with crypto content! With even the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey proclaiming his support for Bitcoin and even creating a NFT of his first tweet, one may think that with all the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency, why isn’t there a quality crypto first social media platform out there?

Introducing Torum!

With ambitions to become the leading crypto social first platform out there, Torum looks to address four main industry dilemmas that they identified: information asymmetry, difficulty of creating exposure, segregation of…

$POL Pool Opens on Tuesday, May 25th, 11 AM UTC

An incredible utility of DeFi is the ability to create transparent prediction markets for any type of event. From prediction markets based on football matches, to political event outcomes, to your favorite UFC card, the possibilities are endless! On the Polar’s platform, you will be able to trade BLACK and WHITE Polar tokens where if the WHITE TEAM wins, then the WHITE token rises in value, and the BLACK token falls in value and vice versa. …

$X22 Pool (New Launch Date TBD)

IMPORTANT — $X22 Pool will now launch as a BEP-20 Token and the raise will be conducted in BUSD

Are you progressive, extreme, and have an eye for street and urban art? Are you looking for the next experience that will push boundaries and incorporate blockchain technology and NFTs? NFTs have been thrust into the limelight once again this year and are seeing much more mainstream adoption. While NFTs are still in their infancy, many see the integration of AR/VR with NFTs as an inevitability. Two Two is the world’s first interactive art gallery that has clearly identified NFTs’ ability…

$ALM Pool Opens Friday, May 28th, 10 AM UTC

Layer 2 solutions undoubtedly have helped make cryptocurrencies much more accessible to the average user while AMMs has made it users much more accessible to projects. With DeFi and NFTs also finding more use cases, one project, Alium Finance aims to address the needs of the market by creating a unique multichain AMM DEX with NFTs that will launch on BSC, is live on Huobi’s Hecochain, and will be integrated to Polygon, Avalanche and Ethereum! They will be kicking off their journey by joining us to do our first flash ZENDIT on BSC for their $ALM token!

Alium Finance is getting ready to ZENDIT!

If you have previously whitelisted for ANY ZENDIT, you will automatically be whitelisted for our Alium Finance FLASH ZENDIT!

$ALM Pool Opens Friday, May 28th, 10 AM UTC

What is Alium Finance?

  • Alium Finance looks…


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