Limited Time Bonus rewards in ETH for the first 12 weeks, 3.33 ETH Per week for the lucky winners in MANTRA POOL

MANTRA POOL is going live! When we began MANTRA DAO we had the idea to create MANTRA POOL as one of the core products that we would be offering. Today, we are happy to announce that MANTRA POOL will be available as of today, with the first winners being announced one week from today on December 30th!

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The mechanism is straightforward, spend 1 OM to gain 1 entry into the POOL. The pool consists of stablecoin rewards such as USDT/USDC which is the equivalent of 25% of the validator rewards for the nodes that MANTRA DAO operates.


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MANTRA DAO is excited to announce its first official Sherpa competition month! The competition will be held on Twitter over the next 4 weeks with a variety of questions.


What Regions Do You Think Will Benefit Most From MANTRA DAO (DEFI) And Why? 📢📢


✅ Post on Twitter with the following tag: #sherpascommunitymonth

✅ Cashtag $OM in your post

✅ Follow @MANTRADAO on Twitter

✅ Use your own words, it’s not the fastest answer that counts

✅ No copy & paste. No reuse of gifs, memes, etc.

✅ Share the Twitter link to your submission, saying #sherpascommunitymonth, in our Telegram group:

MANTRA DAO starts off the new year with an incredible partnership!

As MANTRA DAO ventures into 2021, we are committed to working with some of the other best projects that the crypto space has to offer. As an innovative and unique stablecoin blockchain protocol, e-Money aims to create a level playing field, providing equal access to transparent financial services, on a global scale, while greatly reducing cost, something MANTRA DAO wholeheartedly supports!

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MANTRA DAO and e-Money team up to take on the new year!

Together with e-Money, our partnership will be looking to bring together and connect our two communities as we explore the integration of stablecoins in DeFi. We are thrilled to announce that we have launched an e-Money $NGM validator node in support of the e-Money network. …

Sherpas can now delegate FUSE to the MANTRA DAO node

Bringing DeFi to the global masses and working towards bridging wealth inequality around the world has been one of the main drivers and missions of MANTRA DAO since its inception. This is no easy feat to accomplish and we know it’s going to take a team to obtain the global adoption that’s needed. It is for that reason MANTRA DAO is excited to be partnering with Fuse to help grow the global DeFi ecosystem. …

Our KAI Validator Node is Now Available to Delegate to and Soon Earn OM Rewards!

Following our announcement of becoming a genesis validator for KardiaChain, MANTRA DAO is now actively running its validator node where Sherpas can delegate their KAI tokens to and will soon be able to earn enhanced OM rewards. As the blockchain ecosystem begins to enter into a new year, many projects are increasingly focused on interoperability. We at MANTRA DAO believe that KardiaChain shares many of the same beliefs on interoperability, and one can even say that we have made it our collective mantras!

Want to start off the year by putting your KAI to good use? Then read down below!

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Earn enhanced OM rewards by delegating KAI to the MANTRA DAO validator

Staged Rollout

Phase 1 — Initially, users will be able to delegate their KAI tokens to the MANTRA DAO Validator through existing Kardiachain ecosystem wallets and delegation interfaces in order to earn KAI rewards. …

BONDLY tokens have been sent to OM stakers on the MANTRA DAO app

MANTRA DAO’s long-awaited BONDLY airdrop has been completed! Following our 6 snapshots of both MANTRA DAO OM and UNI OM/ETH staking pools throughout the period of October 28th — November 30th, our partners at completed the distribution of 1 million BONDLY tokens! We want to thank all our OM stakers who participated in this airdrop and their continuing support of MANTRA DAO and Bondly. Be sure to check your wallet if you were eligible to receive them.

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1 million BONDLY airdropped to MANTRA DAO OM stakers

For a recap, you can read the details on our airdrop distribution here and our official announcement here.

We are glad to be finalizing this first step in our partnership journey with Bondly and will be announcing more updates to our partnership in 2021, so stay tuned Sherpas! …

Lend and Borrow a number of small and large-cap cryptos with MANTRA DAO

The big winner of the 2020 DeFi boom has been non-custodial and decentralized staking and lending platforms. MANTRA DAO is excited to be launching the beta version of the ZENTEREST Lending Protocol to close off 2020 and tick off another milestone on the Q4 roadmap. ZENTEREST will launch with a handful of both small and large-cap ERC-20 crypto assets and will look to quickly build upon these as we listen to our Sherpa community to add more requested assets.

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Lend and Borrow a Number of Small and Large Cap Cryptos with ZENTEREST

ZENTEREST is an overcollateralized, money market, lending protocol that allows users to supply, borrow, and use their crypto assets as collateral in a peer-to-peer decentralized fashion. It is the first of the upcoming MANTRA DAO lending products and will be the focus of our overcollateralized lending model. The second lending product within the MANTRA DAO platform will be the proprietary multi-asset CDP/stablecoin, and credit rating system (KARMA Protocol). This is meant to be our undercollateralized product. …

Securely HODL and Stake your assets on the go!

Great News Sherpas, we’ve just released our new MANTRA DAO mobile app with a simple and sleek UI design so you can create a wallet with us and stake on the go! We have released our Android APK on our website, which can be downloaded here. The mobile app will soon be available for Google Play, and our iOS version will be released soon on the iOS App store!

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Directly Stake, Send, Receive, and HODL Your Favorite ERC-20 Assets Directly on the App

Supporting any ERC-20 token, the MANTRA Wallet is secure and non-custodial meaning that you always have complete control over your crypto assets since we all know the saying “not your keys, not your crypto!”. Once you have created your wallet, you will be able to create an easy to use login PIN and sign in with your fingerprint or Face ID depending on the type of mobile phone you use. Just remember, MANTRA DAO does not store any users’ PINs, information, or provide a way to retrieve and reset it, so please be careful with how you save your backups. …

Nominate DOT & KSM to Earn Enhanced OM Rewards

Since the start of MANTRA DAO, we have been building our platform and products with the goal of supporting the Polkadot, Kusama, and Substrate ecosystems helping to bridge DeFi services across different blockchains and services. We are thrilled to be launching our enhanced OM rewards program through DOT and KSM nominations. Polkadot and Kusama stakers and community members can now earn extra OM rewards by just nominating the MANTRA DAO validator nodes!

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Nominate your DOT & KSM to MANTRA DAO and receive enhanced OM rewards!

Our team has been working hard to provide our users with the best staking experience and part of that means providing support for more tokens. Today we are thrilled to announce that we will be adding two new tokens for staking, $DOT and $KSM! These tokens will be the first of many more that we will be adding to our

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  • *Please note that this is a curated summary of the 11/29/2020 MANTRA DAO AMA that includes the most relevant questions and answers which are shortened and paraphrased.
  • Youtube link to the AMA here.

Addressing Issues Regarding OM V1 — V2 Migration

The AMA started off with JP identifying the main issues users were experiencing when trying to migrate which included high gas fees, lack of clarity on what the additional transactions were for, and the UI issues people were facing. JP then went on to discuss why the migration was set up in the way that it was in the first place by mentioning that the design allowed for users to migrate from V1 to V2 staking pools without losing their staking rewards and needing to unstake for an 8 day period. …



MANTRA DAO is a Community-governed DeFi Platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance.

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