Week ending July 23rd

OM holders on ETH, Polygon and BSC

  • ETH — 7,355 OM holders ( - 40)
  • Polygon — 734 OM holders ( + 6)
  • BSC — 357 OM holders ( + 42)


  • 2,956 (naked staking) (+1)
  • 71 (LP staking); ( + 0 )
  • 65 (BSC LP staking) ( - 1)

ETH Naked Staking

ETH LP Staking

BSC LP Staking

BSC Naked Staking


  • No. of zenOM holders — 534 ( - 43)
  • $4.93M…

Delegate to MANTRA DAO’s $TOMO node and earn $TOMO staking rewards!

MANTRA DAO X TomoChain Validator Partnership

Essentials to stake $TOMO

TomoChain RPC Details

Timeline & Technical Analysis of Events on Exploit Incident

Jul-14–2021 02:03:20 PM +UTC

BITE/ETH LP pool launches for staking!

You can now stake BITE/ETH LP tokens in app.mantradao.com
  • The BITE/ETH LP staking pool will be launched with a tollbooth mechanism, with the toll starting at 60% for the first 7 days, and then decreasing on a weekly basis until it reaches 0% after day 63 since the pool’s launch (roughly 9 weeks). You can find more details regarding the toll schedule on Dragonbite’s post linked here.

Delegate to MANTRA DAO’s $BLZ node and earn $BLZ staking rewards!

MANTRA DAO X Bluzelle Validator Partnership

Essentials to stake $BLZ

  • ETH — 7,385 OM holders
  • Polygon — 728 OM holders
  • BSC — 315 OM holders
  • OM Staked 40 million — USD $4.2M (naked staking)
    463K — USD $426K (LP staking)
  • No. of OM stakers — 1258 (naked staking); 71 (LP staking); 66 (BSC LP staking)
  • OM LP (1.98million — USD $207K)
  • No. of zenOM holders — 577
  • $4.9 million worth = 46.8 million OM supplied on ZENTEREST
  • IMPACT naked staking
  • 444,139 OM bought with…

You can now use Trust Wallet to participate in ZENDIT on BSC!

This guide only applies for participants using Desktop + Wallet Connect QR code to access Trust Wallet for upcoming ZENDITs

How to connect Trust Wallet to app.mantradao.com

$ESW Pool Opens on Tuesday, June 29th, 12 PM UTC

$SPWN Pool Opens on Thursday, June 17th, 12 PM UTC


MANTRA DAO is a Community-governed DeFi Platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance.

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